Pinn's plant grew from $35$ centimeters to $43$ centimeters in a year. John's plant, which was $39$ centimeters at the beginning of the year, grew twice as many centimeters as Pinn's plant did during the same year. How tall, in centimeters, was John's plant at the end of the year?


[STEP]Calcuate how much Pinn's plant growth in the year[/STEP]

Pinn's plant grew $43-35=8$ centimeters in the year.

[STEP]Calculate how much John's plant growth[/STEP]

John's plant grew twice as fast as Pinn's did. Therefore John's plant grew $2\times 8=16$ centimeters.

At the end of the year, John's plant height was $39+16=55$ centimeters.

[ANS]$55$ centimeters.[/ANS]

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