Mike:   John, welcome to Digital Solutions. First of all, ___(10)___.  My name is Mike Simpson and I'm the Finance Department Manager. As you  now, there is an open position in my department, and ___(11)___. The new employee  will work closely with all members of the team. Do you have any questions?

John:   Yes. ___(12)___?

Mike:   Some work experience would be an advantage. However, I'm willing to train the new person. John, ___(13)___.

John:   I was a student at Layola University, and I've just graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Finance. I've been  working part- time as a payroll   clerk for the last two years.

Mike:   ___(14)___? Why should I hire you?

John:   I am a hard-working person and a fast learner. I'm very eager to learn, and I get on well with people.

Mike:   Can you ___(15)___? 

John:   Yes, I can. When I was at university, I took quite a few courses each semester while working at least ten hours every week. And, I coped very well. 


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