[SET 1] รวมแนวโจทย์ TOEIC พร้อมเฉลย! (Toeic Set1)

มาลองแนว ข้อสอบ TOEIC Part 5 เหมือนจริงกันดีกว่า!

SET 1 มี 10 ข้อ ผสมหลายเรื่องเหมือนข้อสอบจริงเลย ลองทำกันดูก่อน แล้วค่อยรับชีทเฉลยไปอ่านกันนะคะ

วิธีรับชีทเฉลย TOEIC Set 1

1. คลิกลิ้งค์ https://m.me/TOEICKruDew

2. ก๊อปรหัส KDP013 วางทางแชท

3. รอรับชีทเฉลยได้เลย!


101. Before _____ us your resume, be sure to check that it meets our requirements precisely.

(A) sends
(B) to send
(C) sending
(D) sent

102. There was some discussions _____ the shareholders as to whether the CEO was competently operating the business.

(A) at
(B) on
(C) between
(D) among

103. Check that the lid is _____ sealed to prevent its contents from leaking.

(A) firm
(B) firmly
(C) firming
(D) firmness

104. It is vital that the accuracy of measuring instruments _____ yearly.

(A) is tested
(B) were testing
(C) will test
(D) be tested

105. Mark will handle receptionist duties ____ a more urgent matter requires his attention.

(A) unless
(B) along with
(C) after
(D) because of

106. During the factory tour, visitors must not ____ with any of the operations inside the plant.

(A)  comply                    
(B)  attain
(C)  observe                    
(D)  interfere

107. By the time she concludes her assignment overseas on May 15, Ms. Relei ____ over one hundred production facilities.

(A) would inspect
(B) will have inspected
(C) is inspecting
(D) will be inspected

108. The passenger was asked to place ____ luggage in the overhead compartments after boarding the plane.

(A) her
(B) she
(C) herself
(D) hers

109. The owner of CC Tower may ____ the building if it does not pass the upcoming safety inspection.

(A) demolished
(B) demolishing
(C) demolish
(D) demolishes

110. Mr. Potter performs most of his writing in the ____ garage that he uses as a home office.

(A) converting
(B) converts
(C) converted
(D) convert


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